Biblical Interpretation


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June 10, 2023


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This course equips preachers, home group leaders and committed Christian who wish to read the scriptures intelligently with the fundamental hermeneutical skills, or rules of interpretation that have become standard operating procedures within the historic, evangelical faith. A large part of the course deals with interpreting biblical texts in context, within the many layers of context that apply. It also
deals with Rabbinical approaches to the Old Testament current within Second Temple Judaism and how Jesus was influenced by this but also had a unique way of reading the Old Testament. It shows how his hermeneutic then influenced the writers of the New Testament. It then explores charismatic approaches to the text and balances them with historic, ecumenical truth.

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Course Content

Study Block One: Bias & Interrelated Relationships

  • Interpretive Bias
  • Interrelated Relationships

Study Block Two: Principles & Rules of Biblical Interpretation

Study Block Three: Genre & Context

Study Block Four: Theology & Interpretation

Study Block Five: The OT Through NT Eyes

Study Block Six: The NT writers on the OT

Study Block Seven: Relating the Two Testaments

Study Block Eight: Word and Spirit

Here are four PDF commentaries for you to use whenever you do biblical interpretation. Please do not share them with others. They are for your personal use ONLY!

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