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June 11, 2023


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We have become bankrupt in the spirituality of leadership, in the true spirit and character of authentic leadership. That is why things are largely the way they are in our world. This course addresses this and other issues in leadership, for the sake of our own integrity as leaders, and for the sake of our world. It is centred in Kingdom leadership and seeks to equip students with the key spiritual dynamic of the motivation and mode of leadership – based on the teachings and models of biblical leadership (character-based, selfless-serving, and effective leadership). The final section of this course will focus on the functional aspects of leadership – skill, style, and process. Significant emphasis is given to contextually applying the knowledge presented in this course.

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  • Introduction to Biblical Leadership

Study Block One – The Notion and the Gift of Leadership
The Bible and Leadership.

Study Block Two – Character before Charisma
A person's character (Life Quality) qualifies them for Biblical leadership. ‘Being’ comes before ‘Doing’; ‘Example’ comes before ‘Precept’; and ‘Character’ comes before ‘Charisma’, in God’s scheme of leadership things!

Study Block Three – Servanthood – The Heart and Soul of Leadership
We are not leaders who serve but servants who lead.

Study Block Four – Vision – The Key to the Ignition of Leadership
Leadership is, by definition, about the future. It is going somewhere and taking people there.

Study Block Five – Influence – The Quiet Power of a Leader
Leadership is Influence. It begins with what is called “Attraction” in the opening mnemonic spelling the word “LEADERSHIP”. But what does that mean?

Study Block Six – Empowering Leadership
The purpose of a Gift is to give it away! The Empowerment of every believer is the endpoint of the Ephesians 4 Gift Ministries.

Study Block Seven – Sustainable Leadership
Finding, functioning in, and being sustained as a leader by “the unforced rhythms of grace” (Matthew 11:28-30 MSG)

Study Block Eight – Process Leadership
The correlation between Biblical and secular models of leadership.

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