Demonstrating The Kingdom


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June 10, 2023


About Course

This course focuses on the coming of the kingdom by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, through the distribution and impartation of charismatic gifts, particularly those gifts that enable mission and evangelism. Its purpose is to build faith and expectation in our students, disciples of Jesus, to receive the empowering of the Spirit for witness, leading to a radical obedience to his commission, through revelatory/prophetic gifts, gifts of healing and deliverance, all combining to effect power evangelism. A key step in the equipping process is to lay a strong foundation in Christian identity.

Course Content

Study Block One – Surprised By The Kingdom

  • Jesus Identity – Our Identity
  • Justified, Reconciled, Born Again
  • Five Steps In Transformation
  • Become Who You Are
  • Already Glorified Yet Still In Process

Study Block Two – How to be Empowered by the Holy Spirit!
The Holy Spirit clothes you with the power to do the work of the Kingdom of God.

Study Block Three – God gives us tools for Kingdom work!
An in-depth look at the supernatural Gifts as tools for growing the Kingdom.

Study Block Four – The Prophetic Ministry

Study Block Five A – Healing and Deliverance Ministry
As Christ’s ambassadors, God’s authority dwells within us and enables us to bring healing and deliverance to people.

Study Block Five B – Healing and Deliverance Ministry

Study Block Six – The Power Of Evangelism
Power Evangelism is the act of being empowered by the Holy Spirit to release God’s power so that the person receives healing, God’s love and ultimately salvation.

Study Block Six – Leading A Ministry Time

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