Jesus & Apprenticeships in the Gospels


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June 11, 2023


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This course focuses on “Christian spirituality” and precisely, Jesus’ understanding of it portrayed through the Gospels as “becoming his lifelong apprentice” (disciple). It is a storied, theological, and practical course for spiritual growth. Its aim is to help our students to understand and practice spirituality as Jesus did: to be captivated by him and his spirituality, to walk in his way and become like him, following him in his kingdom. Why Jesus? Because we believe he was both human and divine: he modeled what it means to be truly human in God’s image, and he was God incarnate, revealing God to us. Jesus is indeed The Way to God.

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Course Content

Study Block One – Introduction To The Process Of Spiritual Transformation Towards Christlikeness

  • Introduction & Definitions
  • The Discipline of Study

Study Block Two – A Kingdom Focus defines apprenticeship to Jesus
Jesus’ worldview of the Kingdom of God helps us understand the process that is involved in becoming like Christ.

Study Block Three – The Great Commission
What the Great Commission in Matt 28:16-20 teaches us!

Study Block Four – The Great Confirmation and the Great Confrontation
Your identity is found in Jesus Christ!

Study Block Five – The Great Calling and the Great Invitation
Jesus calls us to follow him and serve in the Kingdom of God.

Study Block Six – The Great Commandment and the Great Enhancement
Jesus summarizes the Torah in two commandments.

Study Block Seven – Living out the Great Teaching will cause “Great Confrontation”
Learning to live as apprentices of Jesus in the Kingdom way of Love.

Study Block Eight – Living Great Commandment of love
Learning to live as apprentices of Jesus in the Kingdom way of Love.

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