Paul & Transformation in the NT Letters & Christian Spiritual Tradition


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June 11, 2023


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This is the second course which focuses on “Christian spirituality” and covers Paul the Apostle and his understanding of progressive transformation toward Christlikeness. Paul’s focus in being a “Christ-follower” is our personal union with Jesus, in what He has done for us in salvation, and in our responsive participation in that new creation reality. Therefore, the primary aim of this course is to develop in our students a practical working knowledge of what this means – how to live out one’s new nature in Christ in thought, word, and deed. The course also explores aspects of how Spirituality has developed in Christian tradition over the ages.

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Study Block One – Introduction & Understanding Spirituality
As ambassadors of Christ, God’s authority dwells within us, enabling us to bring healing and deliverance to people.

  • Introduction & Understanding Spirituality
  • The Discipline Of Solitude

Study Block Two – Paul’s Kingdom framework and Spirituality
The Kingdom is the dynamic action of God’s rule confronting and defeating evil powers opposed to God. It has burst into this world without the present age ending (this is what we mean by “the tension of the already and the not yet”.

Study Block Three – Salvation Living
Eschatological Salvation means that we are justified saints, sanctified and glorified in Christ, AND we are forgiven sinners being justified, sanctified and glorified through Christ in us by his Spirit.

Study Block Four – Participation and Transformation
Transformation involves Godly practices and habits.

Study Block Five – The How of (Trans)Formation
Transformation is a divine dance of God’s graceful action by his Spirit and our responsive participation in those movements via spiritual practices.

Study Block Six – Four Spiritual Traditions
The four prayer traditions point to the different seasons in the church's history.

Study Block Seven – The Threefold Spiritual Path
Purification through Jesus leads to illumination by the Spirit, which leads to union with God.

Study Block Eight – Living The Balanced Spiritual Life
As people live in the tension of the kingdom, the Spirit initiates and facilitates. We then reciprocate and participate through our responsive efforts.

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