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June 10, 2023


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This course introduces the student to the theology of the kingdom of God in scripture. Taking recent (latter 20th Century onwards) Jesus Research as its starting point, it covers the growing expectation of the kingdom in Old Testament literature and then examines the coming of the kingdom in the life and ministry of Jesus, particularly in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. From there it defines the kingdom as enacted, inaugurated eschatology. Having established that definition it then explores the kingdom in the Christian life, particularly through Pauline theology.

It also examines the mandate for kingdom ministry today as modeled on the ministry of Jesus. A final section deals with various implications of kingdom theology, in terms of the church, dispensationalism, cessationism, healing, and the place of Israel. It equips our students with a thorough knowledge of the biblical theology of the kingdom of God and how this theology is positioned in relation to other theologies, which it either redefines or opposes.

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Introduction – Theology Of The Kingdom

  • Intro To The Theology of The Kingdom

Study Block One – Jesus reveals the Kingdom of God
Jesus reveals the Kingdom of God.

Study Block Two – God reveals who He is to Moses
The Exodus story reveals who God is and his heart to establish his Kingdom rule on earth.

Study Block Three – The Davidic and Prophetic Coming of the Kingdom
God's Kingdom is established on earth through David, God's Messiah, who brings peace (Shalom), and later through Solomon, who represents the Kingdom's peak. But because of Israel's idolatry, God's prophets warn them of impending changes (the Babylonian exile). However, God's prophets provide hope while in exile through a developing vision of a forthcoming Kingdom.

Study Block Four – Jesus Announces The Kingdom of God
Jesus announces the Kingdom of God is here and enacts what it means through authoritative teaching and miraculous interventions.

Study Block Five – The End Has Come In Jesus: Be the New You
The Kingdom events of the crucifixion, resurrection of Jesus and Pentecost, are eschatological life-changing events.

Study Block Six – The New Eschatological Prophetic Community of God
Discovering the nature and the calling of the Church birthed at Pentecost.

Study Block Seven – The Influence of Edward Irving on the Church’s understanding of the Last Days
The Holy Spirit's work in the Last Days.

Study Block Eight – Apostles today!
How restorationism differs from the Kingdom theology model.

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